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Footprint gadget for your FriendConnect

I developed FriendIntroducer as an experiment and was trying to understand how FriendConnect is different from ordinaly OpenSocial implementation. So this time, I’ve tried to develop a gadget which you can find FriendConnect interesting, Footprints. You know the idea if you’ve tried MyBlogLog before.

What is Footprints?

Footprints is a gadget to track visitor of you blog. Look at the gadget on bottom left. If you’re not joined or signed in, do it to check what it does.


As you could imagine, this gadget records visitor and its time. When viewed by others, timestamp will be displayed how long ago, you’ve visited. Also, you can remove your own footprint if you want. The xml is located at:



Feel free to take it and use it on your blog.

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